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Curriculum & Standards

Common Core Standards

The new Common Core State Standards were adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE) on August 2, 2010. DMUSD will continue working to implement curriculum, instructional materials, and assessments based on the new standards. The California Department of Education (CDE) will be taking information to the SBE regarding implementation plans for the Common Core State Standards.


In Del Mar Union, STEAM+ provides robust and engaging opportunities for students to experience an interdisciplinary approach to learning.  Purposeful learning occurs around clear concepts that require students to think critically and explore solutions to real-world problems.  We are preparing our students for the future! Dynamic learning environments support strategic thinking, innovation, and collaboration.  These practices promote deep understanding and sustain a lifetime of inquiry. Students who are prepared for their future must be able to connect experiences from a variety of disciplines and think about problems through a new lens. Science and engineering concepts fuse together with technology and art!  Physical education and music collide in ways never before imagined. 
Support for STEAM+ reflects the Del Mar Union School District commitment to the education and development of the whole child.  We are in relentless pursuit of creating experiences where every student has opportunities to develop their individuality and learn to communicate their thinking while gaining an understanding of the world around them.
Every school in the Del Mar Union School District is fortunate to have exceptional staff supporting STEAM+ as a result of community support and a strong partnership with the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF).  Our commitment to providing the highest quality education is one reason the schools in the Del Mar Union School District are ranked among the highest in the state.
To learn how you can support STEAM+, please visit the DMSEF website.
Grade Level Curriculum: A Look At Kindergarten Through Grade Six in California Public Schools
A Look At Kindergarten Through Grade Six in California Public Schools is a compilation of subject-matter curriculum, including information about the Common Core State Standards, organized by individual grade levels. (Published October 2011)

State and District Academic Standards


English Language Development Standards


Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards


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